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Zetam - Halfelf Sorcerer

This piece is ink on special thick watercolour paper. It certainly became a challenge as I worked on it. I thought it would be my usual fantasy figure painting until I became aware that the two fireballs would emit light. I then realised I had three light sources if I included the light source for the body reference. So I decided to focus solely on the firelight. The piece then began sliding into the land of Baroque due to the need for thick darkness. Given that I had been using drawing inks, this led into the challenge of how do I express darkness with a medium that was transparent and reflects light. I wanted to avoid using black drawing in as I find it kills colour. I prefer the richness of mixed blacks.

The final touch was a bit of photography trickery. I photographed the painting in a dark room and used a light source to throw light where the fireballs were. As I only have one light, I took two photographs and used my Photoshop skills to stitch the two photographs together.

Steve willis serious zetam