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Zetam - Selfrighteous Fury

Zetam is my main Dungeons and Dragons character. His personality is happily sarcastic. However due to personal tragedy he has a seething hatred for cultists. After his traumatic "conversion" into a follower of Tyr, that rage is burns even hotter.

This was a difficult piece to complete. I restarted it three times. This follows the traditional painting approach and I wanted to produce a piece that had energy and was expressive. My first approach was to be inspired by Van Gogh's later work. The sky worked well, but the figure work I was displeased with. So I started again, using the same references, but went in a Franz Marc direction. The aesphetics was a lot more pleasing, but I noticed that the posture and facial expression didn't work. So with my third attempt, I chose a new pose reference with a model wearing less clothing (it's a lot easier to build up clothing than trying to strip it off) and I've ended up with something I am pleased with.

Steve willis angry zetam 2 001
Steve willis screenshot 20190423 124452 artrage
Steve willis screenshot 20190423 110342 artrage
Steve willis screenshot 20190422 235746 artrage
Steve willis screenshot 20190422 124802 artrage
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Steve willis zetam2 001
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