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Hope - Celestial Warlock Tiefling Digital

I am very much into Dungeons and Dragons. I enjoy how the pen and paper RPG allows for a continual cycle of various forms of creative expression and exploration, which feeds into each other. A character sheet results in the exploration of a character's story, which in turns gives form to a need to visually represent the person. This helps shape what miniature figuring might be wanted. All these facets support each other and there is not incorrect starting position.
Through this piece, I stumbled across as satisfying approach to producing digital full body portraits. I had been working with a traditional art approach; using only one layer, not using undo, washes etc.. However this approach wasn't working and it was demoralising. To rescue this piece, I tried something new to me. I went more graphical. I believe it worked out well. I found it enjoyable studying and refining the shadows.

Steve willis a new hope 001
Steve willis screenshot 20190412 161253 artrage
Steve willis screenshot 20190411 223942 artrage
Steve willis screenshot 20190410 171649 artrage
Steve willis screenshot 20190410 142042 artrage
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