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Kenku Death Pact Warlock

One day, when browsing Reddit, I stumbled across an image of an albino owl. It was a very cute owl with creepy red eyes. In my mind, a character formed of in the form of a small feathered person who lived in seclusion, who worked with taboo arts, who had a precious heart but the world feared.

As of writing this description, the character looks a lot more sinister than the original vision. This was because I stumbled across a very striking owl reference that I had to use. They have these tufts/ears/horns on the hood to make them look cuter. I quite like the new creepy version as it encapsulates what other people think what the character is like.

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Steve willis screenshot 20190430 003317 autodesk sketchbook
Steve willis screenshot 20190429 211625 autodesk sketchbook
Steve willis screenshot 20190428 225037 autodesk sketchbook
Steve willis sketch1556468547157
Steve willis albinowl version 2 001
Steve willis owlock 001
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