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Yuan Ti Hexblade - Digital

This is a character I enjoy playing and drawing. I wanted to carry on with the momentum of the style I created with my albino tiefling. I guess it's sort of cell-shading with focus on a maximum of 4 colours for a tone. This is a style I would happily work in for commissions because it means I don't get into too many internal debates during the process. The only debate is pallet choice and observing what the light is doing. This means the making process benefits me and the client more.
The character itself is of a person from a race with the belief that they are superior to all other mortals; everyone else is a potential food source. He is separated far from his home and is now stranded in a place that doesn't agree with his preconceptions of the world. Somehow, he must find a way home by working with those who he sees as lesser. The potential character growth excites me greatly.