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Tabaxi Monk

This piece began as me drawing whilst having a conversation with a friend. I had started drawing an aarakocran (birdfolk) monk in an action pose, but I was not happy with how it went. So I started a new piece instead. Through spontenious line drawing, this face of a long eared cat began to form. When I was by my desktop computer, I began using references to explore where the drawing wanted to go. This piece had various challenges. The most apparent was how to convey fur. I am satisfied with my solution to this problem. Throughout, proportions of the drawing kept shifting. The ears got refined, the beard kept shifting around. One of the last alterations was the shortening of the shirt. I also ended up simplifying the detail of the shirt. I found that the direction it was going to was far too busy. It didn't suite the humble idea of a martial monk.